Your Legal Wedding

∴ Spiritual and Personal ∴

Would you like a sense of the spiritual in your legal wedding ceremony, yet don't want it to subscribe to any particular dogma or religion? Together we can create a ceremony that is authentic, deeply touching and meaningful to you both.

I can also carry out Wedding Blessings, Commitment Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows.

Exploring Spirituality

∴ Understanding Yourself ∴

Life-changing insights and self-reflection practices, one-on-one spiritual work, coaching & group work.

All gatherings are based in the beautiful retreat-like setting of Connemara, Galway, Ireland.

I am also available on Skype.

See my blog for examples of practical spirituality.

Rev Geraldine Bown

∴ My Story ∴

A little about my own spiritual journey, so you get a sense of the person behind the Minister.

From my Catholic upbringing to discovery of A Course in Miracles, the Ageless Wisdom teachings and the 21 skills of Spiritual Intelligence that can revolutionize how we lead ourselves and others.



"...Words cannot express how grateful we are for your help and support. You made everything as perfect as we could have possibly imagined and made a huge impact on our lives with your grace and style...."

A Sense of Community: The Meaning of Ceremony in Our Lives

People who attend services and ceremonies as part of their religious tradition experience a sense of community and connectedness with those who are following the same path. However, those who have left a particular religion often miss that aspect of joining together with others to celebrate events, give praise to their deity, and sing and pray together.

Still others, who have no wish to join an organised religion, would like to mark particular occasions in their lives with a sacred celebrationSpiritual Wedding, Vow Renewal, Commitment Ceremony, or an Anniversary Celebration. Or would like to be with others who have come together to read or meditate around themes like reconciliation or forgiveness or healing.

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To join together in a ceremony which expresses joy and appreciation and unites all those who are present in a common purpose can be meaningful and uplifting. It enables us to connect with our own joy, with the hearts of others and the Spirit with which we are all connected.

Whatever people’s beliefs, ceremony can be a very powerful way of integrating and honouring new experiences, life changes and personal commitments. Although I conduct Baby Blessings and Funerals as a Minister, my passion and joy comes from conducting Wedding Ceremonies. What more rewarding thing to do than work with a couple to design a beautiful, spiritual AND legal wedding ceremony that reflects each of the couple’s beliefs and is centred on joy, love and commitment.

Until recently, people’s choices were limited to a religious ceremony or a civil ceremony. However, One Spirit Interfaith Ministers are all registered solemnisers of marriage which means I can create for couples a legal wedding ceremony that is spiritual but not religious, a ceremony that will take into account the bride’s and groom’s personal beliefs; a ceremony where they can write their own vows; a ceremony where they can have the readings and music they wish; a ceremony which they can have on any day of the week; a ceremony which they can have in a place of their choice. I will work with them to create a personal and meaningful ceremony which will express their love and commitment and unite all those present as they bear witness to their marriage. And if they do not want to be, or cannot be legally married but want to mark their commitment to each other in a sacred way, I can create a wedding blessing ceremony for them which they will never forget. This applies whether they are heterosexual or gay or lesbian. You can read more under the Weddings tab about how I create beautiful wedding ceremonies.


As a registered solemniser of weddings in Ireland I can marry you  legally; and you do not have to reside in Ireland to be married in Ireland!