Out with the old – in with the new!


Some years ago, I went to the dentist to have the last 2 mercury fillings in my mouth replaced by white ones. I had had these fillings for years but became concerned about the increase of reports on mercury poisoning and the harmful affects of amalgam fillings which contain mercury. Of course I have no idea if I had been harmed all these years. Maybe my liver and kidneys were not functioning as they should as a direct result. And if ever I have kidney or liver problems in the future who will be able to attribute them to mercury fillings? I didn’t feel instantly better. I assumed that it would take time for the effects of the mercury to wear off and my system to be cleansed and back up to full operating strength. I would have to monitor myself and my health. But at least I knew I had removed entirely a possible source of harm which had become ingrained in me and might have been causing unseen damage.

This got me thinking recently of what else might be ingrained in me and doing unseen damage. Take beliefs. We operate from a whole platform of beliefs which we have acquired over our lifetimes. I’m not talking about religious beliefs here, I’m talking about ANY beliefs. Things like ‘people are basically good’ or ‘everyone is out to get you so watch your back’ or ‘people need to earn respect’ or ‘best form of defence is attack’. Our underlying beliefs form our perceptions – about the world and how it works. And we act accordingly. If you want to know what your beliefs are examine what you say and what you do – there are your beliefs right there.

The problem is – we don’t examine our beliefs very often and so might be completely unaware of the damaging effect some of them are having on us. We need the world to reflect what we believe to be true – and so it will. If we expect people to be mean to us – hey presto – they will be! If we believe that we are not good enough we will constantly meet people who re-enforce that for us.

Here’s what I learned after reflecting on my visit to the dentist.

  1. We can decide to do something about probable harm even if we don’t have visible evidence for ourselves. I chose to accept all the research about mercury poisoning even though I couldn’t link an actual health problem I had to mercury. So we can assume that some of our beliefs might be harmful and make a conscious choice to remove the ones that are.
  2. The dentist had to do some amount of work to get the old fillings out. It wasn’t painful but there was a cost - financial in this case. There will also be a cost in removing unhelpful beliefs. Some people will prefer you the way you were – now they don’t seem to have a connection with you. Removing them will leave big holes so you have to prepare what you are going to fill them with. Decide what new beliefs you are going to work from. And remember it will take time and perseverance to crack through the old ones so be prepared for that.
  3. Since my new fillings I have been able to monitor my health to notice any general and specific improvements. But I am happy in the knowledge that at least there is no more poison going in and I see this as a long term solution not a quick fix. So with your new beliefs. They are in your system now and you will be able to monitor your relationships and all aspects of your life for improvements. Watch everything you say and do and check they are in line with your new beliefs. And here too – you are in for the long haul! Just as your old beliefs leaked poison into your life, so your new ones will drip feed you with a new way to think, a new way to feel and a new way to be.

Welcome to your new life!